casa RURAL "El Regall"

C/ Santa Bàrbara, 23 | Càlig, Castellón 12589

Tel. +34 722 258 613

In Càlig, a beautiful town in the province of Castellón, near the sea, the beaches of Peñíscola and the Sierra of Irta, and the mountains, this great rural house awaits you.

With a maximum capacity of 9 people, it is an ideal accommodation to rest with family or friends. A town house built more than 80 years ago, completely renovated but still retaining its traditional charm with wooden beams, rustic furniture and a large garden to sunbathe, relax and enjoy the countryside.

The rural house "El Regall" breathes that tranquility of the small towns, where the church bells ring, people sit at dusk at the door of their house and chat in a relaxed way.

Located in the "Baix Maestrat" ​​region, it is surrounded by a slightly undulating landscape where dry crops such as olive trees, almond trees, carob trees and irrigated crops such as orange trees, mandarins and orchards predominate.

The proximity to the Mediterranean, just 7 kilometers, makes its climate benign all year round. Mild winters and hot summers.

Good communication both with the coast and with the interior of the province through the CV-135 favors the visit of other places of interest in the region.

An ideal place to walk and enjoy the rural and natural heritage, with multiple landscapes and sensations. Where the area of ​​Millenary Olives and other monumental trees stand out, such as the centennial elm of the Ermita del Socors or some carob trees of remarkable dimensions.

All times have their special charm. In summer, we can go to the beaches of Peñíscola or stroll through the Sierra de Irta, on its coastline, made up of beautiful coves and cliffs. Also to the Ulldecona reservoir with corners where bathing is still possible in places shaded by pines and holm oaks.

In autumn and winter, the peace and silence of its fields, it becomes a perfect place to relax.

In spring, the almond trees and all the fruit trees, the field explodes in that multitude of colors that contrasts with the aridity of the fields of rural dry stone architecture. the steep Mediterranean countryside. Dry stone is the backbone of our ancestral rural world… It is peasant Romanesque, a humble and magnificent art, solidly coral and anonymous ”(R. Folch).

Càlig and its surroundings also have their charm if we want to discover its historical and cultural heritage. After the conquest of Jaume I, it was granted to Pere Balaguer in the Population Charter, in 1234 to be repopulated. Càlig has been a town since 1550 and the long history of its lands and its privileged location on a hill, with the “riu Sec” crossing its term, means that it was populated by the Iberians, Romans or Arabs in various settlements. Later, the Order of the Hospital and then the Order of Montesa brought lordship to the territory.

Càlig is part of the “Caminos de la Orden de Montesa” cycling route. The route starts from Montesa and ends in San Mateu. It is a journey of more than 300 kilometers through populations united by the history of this order.

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